Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage used to alleviate the stress and tension which can build up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Sometimes minor injuries and lesions can occur, due to overexertion or over use, and sports massage can break them down quickly and effectively. Used in conjunction with mobility exercises, a deep tissue massage can not only help prevent those niggling injuries that get in the way of training, it can also help to improve performance, giving muscles a boost towards working more efficiently.

Sports massage is not just for sporty people, anyone can benefit. Stress is often placed on the body in physically demanding jobs, or not so obviously demanding jobs, where posture can be affected by long periods of sitting at a desk or in a car. Emotional stress also plays a huge part in causing pain, and can lead to similar injuries to physical toil. Here at Personal Best Sports Therapy we have worked with; Professional athletes; ardent keep-fitters; Builders, Plumbers, mechanics and all kinds of trades people; driving instructors, taxi-drivers and HGV drivers; Office workers; Nurses and care workers; and retirees.

Compared to other, gentler forms of relaxation massage, sports massage tends to be deeper and more intense. It is based on elements of Swedish massage, but also incorporates a combination of other techniques involving stretching, compression, trigger point response (similar to acupressure), exercise and muscle activation. It can sometimes be a little painful, but working with a skilled therapist ensures you will always be well within your comfort zone.

Treatments at Personal Best Sports Therapy are tailored to each individual client, incorporating the techniques that are most effective for each person, and achieve the best results.

Common effects and benefits of Sports Massage

• Reduction of pain
• Increased blood flow
• Flushing of toxic build up (such as lactic acid) from muscles
• Increased flexibility
• Increased range of joint motion
• Reduction of inflammation
• Increased performance of muscles
• Increased efficiency of muscles
• Decreased post-training effects such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
• Activation of inhibited muscles
• Reduced risk of injury
• Improved posture


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