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The Personal Best Approach – Here at Personal Best Sports Therapy our mission is to guide our clients towards the best version of themselves. Helping to achieve physical goals, whether that be in sports or everyday life, or get back to themselves after injury or surgery, we offer a spectrum of physical therapy treatments, so every client can find a method that works for them. From superficial treatment of minor injuries such as muscle sprains, right through to rehabilitation of serious injuries like fractures or soft tissue ruptures… From expert advice on back care, to teaching Pilates and a range of exercises to help you move functionally and pain free… Personal Best Sports Therapy can offer the best treatment for you.

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Tamsin Philp

Owner, Personal Best Sports Therapy

“I love my job. I love seeing the changes in people, from when they come to me in pain, to when they walk out again pain free, and go on to achieve something life changing for them.”

Meet Tamsin, the friendly face behind Personal Best Sports Therapy, and your treatment provider. Tamsin has been working as a soft tissue therapist in Torbay since 2014, when she qualified as a holistic massage therapist with Devon Academy of Complimentary Therapies. Since then she has been working hard to gain more and more qualifications and experience. Her list of certificates is ever growing, but to date includes level 3 Swedish and Indian Head Massage, Level 3 Sports Massage, Level 4 and 5 Sports Therapy, Level 3 Personal Training and Level 3 Pilates Instruction. Most recently she has achieved the status of Bodymaster Practitioner, having studied under renowned UK Osteopath, John Gibbons, and also gained a qualification in Acupuncture for soft tissue injuries.


What Personal Best Sports Therapy clients say…

Annie Harvey

“Tamsin keeps me fit and healthy with regular sports massages (although I’m not a sports fanatic) I just needed help with chronic muscle problems. She’s encouraging and supportive and has worked so hard to improve my physical fitness. I’m now able to live an active and pain free life and I’m loving it.””

Ben Reed

“After breaking my ankle with multiple ligament damage whilst running Tamsin was very keen to get me back on track and gave me weekly treatments ( ultrasound and massage ) which massively sped up my recovery. Further down the line she also gave me some great exercise’s and stretches to help build the ankle back up, without her help I wouldnt of been able to get back to running so quickly after the break and I thank you.”

Damon Akerman

“Last year I suffered an injury to my MCL whilst playing rugby which kept me off the field for 7 months. I went through rehab with Tamsin which worked wonders and got me back playing far earlier than expected. The training was intense, but fun and very rewarding and I highly recommend Tamsin to anyone who has a sports related injury!”


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Sports Massage, Injury Assessment and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Return to Sport, K-taping, Pilates, Back Care and Posture Assessment, Concussion Assessment and Return to Play...


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