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From 15th July 2020 Personal Best Therapy is introducing a new pricing structure. This is partly to streamline our service and make sure that clients are getting what they pay for. And partly to offset the extra time required between clients for extra cleaning duties following the coronavirus pandemic. Our prices are now as follows:

25 Minute Express Treatment – £25.00

A shorter length treatment for an express sports massage of one body area, for example lower back, calves or shoulders only. Or some pre-diagnosed injury treatments or follow up acupuncture sessions.

45 Minute Treatment – £40.00

Initial visits to Personal Best Therapy (except for sports massage appointments) will always be 45 minutes. This allows plenty of time for your therapist to get to know you and your body, whilst still allowing time for effective treatment of your injury. Some more complicated injury treatments, postural alignment sessions and combination acupuncture and soft tissue treatments will also fall into this category.

75 Minute Full Body Massage – £55.00

I previously offered a 60 minute full body massage, but in most cases I didn’t feel that this gave me sufficient time to treat the whole body effectively. This longer appointment time will mean that I can spend time working on any particularly niggly areas, whilst still being able to cover all muscle groups effectively.

Up to 30 Minute Consultation Without Treatment – £20

Sometimes clients come to me with injuries or problems which I am unable to help with. However, it takes time to determine this. And sometimes, after the initial diagnosis clients decide they don’t want to go ahead with treatment. A small charge of £20 will now be applicable to non-treatment, hands on assessments.

It’s still free to chat – If you are not sure if sports therapy, acupuncture, pilates or any of the other services we offer is right for you, please still free to make an appointment for a chat. We can sit down in the comfort of the Winners 2000 sofas and talk about how Personal Best can help you, with no commitment from you to come back.


Book and pay for 8 treatments together, receive the 9th treatment free. All 9 appointments must be taken within 6 months of the purchase date.

Where two or more appointments are made for family members attending together, a 10% discount will be applied to each session booked

Coming soon… PBT Club. Watch this space.


We understand that sometimes things go wrong, and you cannot make your appointment, or you have to change it at the last minute. As long as you let us know within 4 hours of your appointment time, there will be no charge for changed bookings.

If you are unable to give us at least 4 hours notice of cancellation, then we will charge 50% of your booked appointment. Please still let us know if you can’t make it though, as no shows will be charged the full rate for their booked session.

Should you cancel within 4 hours of your appointment time on 2 separate occasions then we reserve the right to charge a 50% deposit in advance of your booking. Should you not show up for your appointment, without letting us know in advance, on 2 separate occasions, we reserve the right to charge the full amount for your appointment in advance of your booking.

This cancellation policy applies to coronavirus affected clients as well. However, if you show up to your appointment with any covid-19 symptoms, including a high temperature, you will not be permitted to enter the Winners 2000 building, and you will be charged the full amount of your booked appointment.

So please… Let us know in advance!


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