Despite our best efforts to reduce the risk, injuries can still occur from time to time. In contact sports such as rugby, American football or martial arts, the risks are obvious, but all sports can induce huge stresses on the body. Repetitive movements, twisting forces and impact can all cause soft tissue damage, inflammation, muscle and tendon ruptures, bruising and sometimes even fractures or cartilage damage. In everyday life, we are also often subject to trips, falls, car accidents and other incidents that can lead to a broad spectrum of injuries. At Personal Best Sports Therapy we have a range of diagnostic and assessment tools, which can help to identify sources of pain and establish the best and most effective treatment plan for minor injuries. Tamsin’s extensive experience in injury rehabilitation and adult contact sport can also help to establish when a referral to more specialist care may be appropriate.

Once we have determined the cause and effect of your injury, we can assist with every stage of treatment and rehabilitation. Acute injuries can be treated with various soft tissue techniques including massage, mobilisation, ultrasound, compression therapy and suitable exercise and movement therapy. We can take minor injuries from acute stage (first 24 hours), all the way through to full return to pain free function. For more serious injuries, we can provide valuable additions to specialist treatment or surgery, to help you recover faster and more effectively. Our focus is always on getting you back to movement and the things you enjoy doing most, as fast as possible (within physical limitations), leading to increased motivation, reduced stress and as little as possible emotional effect from injury.
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“I have a lot of clients who come in with old injuries, which are still painful, but which they have put up with for years because they believe that nothing more can be done.”

This rugby player broke his tibia during a rugby match. Once he was discharged from NHS care, we began using various techniques, including outdoor cardio and conditioning training to get him back to playing rugby within 12 weeks. We are never restricted to clinic based treatments!

Following replacement knee surgery this client has suffered various set backs, but now, thanks to pool based exercise, compression therapy and clinic based soft tissue therapy he is well on his way to recovery.


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