Pilates news… Over the lockdown period I have been working on three new classes, so they are all ready to pick up as soon as Devon Hills is able to offer classes again.

Introducing… Pilates Power, Pilates Basics and Pilates Flow 🤩

Pilates Power – Designed for people already used to exercising, and perfect for sports men and women of all varieties. Improve form for running, increase power for rugby, get the abs you’ve always wanted without doing a single tummy crunch. This is a high impact, high energy class based on pilates principles and exercises… just made hardcore! 💪

Pilates Basics – Let’s take things back to basics. Whether you are entirely new to exercise, or you want to focus and hone your skills this is the perfect class for everyone. Using breathing exercises, gentle mobility work and basic pilates movements this class will teach you how to engage your core and strengthen it for everyday life. This class is also good for those suffering with back pain or other injuries which prevent them from exercising normally.

Pilates Flow – A smooth flowing class designed to release tension in the muscles whilst strengthening and balancing the core. Too tired to exercise after a long day at work? Then this is the class for you. Slow and meditative, whilst still engaging. Refresh your body and mind with movement.

All of these classes are available now for 1:1 outdoor sessions. And as soon as group classes are able to restart I will let you know. Share this page to all your friends. Stay safe and see you soon x